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Tuesday, September 14, 2004


The LA Times and their reporter William Lobdell has gone into retreat mode as support is pouring into TBN for Dr. Paul Crouch, Sr. who was smeared by the Times who teamed up with a convicted felon to hit crouch this past Sunday.
The network received unsolicited backing from dozens of Christian leaders who called or e-mailed their support including author Josh McDowell; Doug Wead, a onetime advisor to former President George H.W. Bush; and singers Pat Boone and Carman.
In addition, Rev. Steve Anderson has obtained a denial by Benny Hinn of the statements the LA Times attributed to him which the Times obtained in an old deposition of Mario Licciardello, a private investigator of Benny Hinn's who turn-coated on Rev. Hinn for money and is now dead.
One thing Dr. Crouch and TBN have on their side is some powerful friends and the almighty God. Paul Crouch, 70, was brought up in the same Missouri town as John Ashcroft, President George Bush's fundamentalist Attorney General, and still regards him as a close friend. When Mr. Ashcroft was facing the Senate confirmation process in January 2001, TBN drummed up support for him in hour upon hour of programming. Because of this close relationship and the liberal LA Times fury at the low poll numbers for Presidential candidate John Kerry in the race against President Bush (a close friend of Paul Crouch), they have tried to smear Crouch to hurt Bush now that he is poised for a strong re-election victory because of the help of TBN that rallies millions of Christians nation-wide to support Bush.
Now it's all making sense and backfiring on the LA Times and William Lobdell who twisted and wrested trash from the likes of a convicted felon to help the likes of presidential hopeful John Kerry!
One of the most respected Christian publications in the world, CHRISTIANITY TODAY says: "extortion seems like the only word to describe what Enoch Lonnie Ford attempted."
Rev. Steve says: William Lobdell is the Religion Reporter for the LA Times. The Times needs a new reporter in his post immediately. Now that Paul Crouch has survived this hideous smear, TBN supporters and Christians need to rise up and demand his ousting! Rev. Steve will be posting a site exposing WILLIAM LOBDELL soon. What is his life secrets? It's time to expose whose covering sacred religion for the readership of the Los Angeles Times.
As for TBN and Dr. Paul Crouch. The next telethon will break all records of support in the history of TBN. Isaiah 54:17 at work!


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